Always a Student by Alexandra Gunnoe

So I’ve been pretty quiet on my blog so far this year.  So much has been happening and I wanted to make sure things were in place before I shared the news.

Firstly, I moved from the UK back to the Seattle area in December, where I’m originally from. This city has changed a lot from when I lived here previously and I’m so thrilled to be back, seeing it with fresh eyes.

A huge part of my motivation for moving here was the Communication Leadership graduate program at the University of Washington, which I had been researching for over a year.  And now I’m pleased to say that I have been accepted into the program; the degree I’m pursing is Master of Communications in Digital Media, and I actually just finished up my first quarter last week.  I couldn’t be happier…my studies are engaging and stimulating, and I’ve had the chance to use my photography in new ways.  As for my business, photography will continue to be my livelihood and my passion.  I can already tell my studies are changing the way I approach visual storytelling and it’s incredibly exciting to think about how much I will learn by the time graduation nears.

So what have I been working on?

One of my most recent projects was a little film I put together while working with Pet Partners, a non-profit that provides certification and training for Animal-Assisted TherapyDogs.  I had the privilege of attending several training and therapy sessions and learned a ton about how much these animals add to patients’ lives.  My aim was to show what Animal-Assisted Therapy is, the kind of impact these dogs have, and what it takes to get your pet certified.

If you have a couple minutes please take a peek (and watch in HD)!

Alexandra Gunnoe Photography


Fashion Editorial featured in Somerset Life by Alexandra Gunnoe


I was so pleased to open my mail and find a copy of Somerset Life Magazine featuring our fashion editorial from the shoot in Quantock Hills, Somerset.

Please click here for the back story.

And for those of you who would like to pre-order a calendar for the
*** Sale Price *** of 10 GBP + Shipping, please contact me .

For more information on the Calendar, click here

And finally, here are the images featured in Somerset Life:





Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

“New Behind-the-Scenes Video Up on Youtube” by Alexandra Gunnoe

I haven’t posted a Behind-the-Scenes video in awhile so I quickly put this one together from our last 30’s Inspired Vintage Picnic Shoot in Bideford Devon. You can read all about it here.

To see other Behind-the-Scenes videos please visit my website I’ve created a section for my favorite BTS films and plan on adding more over the next couple months. Oh, and please watch in HD!

Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

“Smooth Sailing (30’s Picnic Fashion Shoot)” by Alexandra Gunnoe

Wow, I can’t say enough good things about our last shoot. It was one of those times when everything just came together and things almost felt too easy. I try to prepare myself for one or two things going wrong so when they inevitably do, I don’t freak out. When all goes smoothly I’m a little surprised.

Being our sixth Vintage Bus Shoot, it’s nice to feel like you know what to expect and what you’re doing. I realize that by writing this I now open myself up to all sorts of challenges in the remaining shoots. But when you have a really good one, you should celebrate it, right? And the icing on the cake is that two of the images from this shoot were published on “VOGUE Italia” Online. I wrote a little bit about that in my last post here.

Instead of shooting in Winkleigh, near the hangar where the buses live, we ventured out to Bideford and shot at the home of Dan Shears, Proprietor of the West of England Transportation Collection. He lives in a beautiful house right on the river with breathtaking views from all windows. Not a bad place to spend the day. Thinking it would be nice to change it up from strictly shooting buses, Dan suggested we photograph his beautiful 1927 Austin 12 seater Charabanc. The automobile has no interior, and currently lacks brakes, so it was important to set it up in the right place. In other shoots, I’ve sometimes been finicky about the placement of the buses as the light changed. Luckily Dan had it set up in the perfect place before I arrived.

My fabulous stylist, Kate Sly from Fashion Farmer, picked out beautiful dresses from the 1930’s. Apparently it is a bit difficult to find fashion from the 30’s and we were lucky with the three she was able to find and style. They fit our model, Nicole de’Gabrielle very well, and with her classic features, she slid into the era perfectly. Nicole tells me she is new to modeling, but you’d never know it. She brought a natural grace and elegance to her poses that was easy to work and I’d highly recommend her to any other photographers. Trude Bosence returned for her second Vintage Bus Shoot with us and did an amazing job perfecting the look with fabulous makeup and hair styling. Trude, Kate and I had all worked together before, and Trude and Nicole had previously collaborated, so we knew what to expect from each other.

Kate even brought her dog, Lennon, to participate.  You always hear about the challenges of shooting with animals, but Lennon was so good and did exactly was he was told. Oh yeah, and the weather was perfect. Six shoots in and we’ve not seen rain yet. Too good to be true? Hopefully not. Anyway, here is what we came up with. And if you want to see the two photos published on “VOGUE Italia“, please visit their site here.

To see more images from this project, please visit the Fashion Gallery on my website:  I’ve recently changed up the design and photos in my portfolio.


Model: Nicole de’Gabrielle

Stylist: Kate Sly at Fashion Farmer

MUA & Hair Stylist: Trude Bosence

Proprietor of the West of England TransportationCollection: Dan Shears

Photographer: Alexandra Gunnoe

Wardrobe Provided by: Vintage Tramp and Hay Does Vintage









Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

“Jalopnik Article” by Alexandra Gunnoe


So pleased to share this bit of press we received! I’m a few days late with the news but this weekend has been jam-packed with work and shoots. Los Angeles-based writer, Jason Torchinsky, put together this article for us on Jalopnik detailing The Vintage Bus Project

I hadn’t previously publicized the intent to turn these fashion shoots into a 2015 calendar but now you know! We anticipate finishing the project in August and the calendar will be available for pre-sale in early September, hard copies available shortly after. Then on the 5th of October 2014 we will be selling the calendars at the West of EnglandTransportation Collection’s Open Day, a time when thousands come from all over England to view the incredible collection of vintage buses.

For more information on this project and calendar, please visit my website:

Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

(Behind-the-Scenes and Slideshow) 1940’s / 1950’s Inspired Fashion Shoot by Alexandra Gunnoe

I’ve already written a piece on this shoot but wanted to share a slideshow as well. The original model canceled at the last minute and caused a bit of a panic. Luckily my stylist, Kate Sly, jumped in and saved the day.




Please click on the link to watch behind-the-scenes and outcome photos from the shoot.

Youtube Video


 PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexandra Gunnoe

ASSISTANT: Candace Penter


MODEL: Kate Sly


MAKE-UP and HAIR: Nina Spinks

WARDROBE PROVIDED BY: Hay Does Vintage & Vintage Tramp

For more information, please visit my site,



<a href="; Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

Met a Model on a Bus by Alexandra Gunnoe

I recently wrote a blog about an old, abandoned lookout tower I stumbled upon in 2014.  Apparently it dates back to WWII and I just found it to be so overwhelmingly inspiring.  I wanted to do a fashion photography shoot there ever since first spying it from the road and I finally got my chance.

Around the same time I wrote that blog, I met a girl on a bus who would later become my fashion model inside that building.  She had never modeled before but you would never know it, she was so professional and her instincts were right on.  When I met her I was a Seattle photographer getting lost in the middle of the UK countryside.  I didn’t even have a card on me and was surprised when Brooke gave me a call, as I had hurriedly scribbled my information on a scrap of paper before getting off the bus.

For anyone interested, I used natural light (obviously) plus a soft box on a 430EXII flash.

*To view a slideshow of our session with more photos, please click on this link:



Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

My New Fashion Photography Project by Alexandra Gunnoe

Life has been so inspiring lately, and I can’t wait to tell you about an upcoming project that I’m taking on.  Starting very soon, I’m photographing 10 fashion shoots featuring beautiful vintage vehicles from the West of England Transportation Collection. The owner, Colin Shears, started collecting vintage buses in the 1960’s, and now they have hundreds of beautiful vehicles housed in their country hangar.

I immediately contacted Colin’s son, Dan, the proprietor of the WETC, to see if he would be interested in collaborating.  Surprisingly enough he was very interested and has been extremely generous with his time.  The WETC restores an astonishing number of buses and it’s a real playground for a photographer like me. I took a tour of the facility recently and the ideas were just flowing. As far as our creative team goes, so far I’ve found a stylist and am holding castings for hair, make-up and models.  My budget isn’t huge but I’m making it work.  This isn’t one of those projects that you do for money, but passion, and I am absolutely positive we’re going to come out with some incredible images.  For a Seattle photographer like me, England has really provided some amazing inspiration.  I’m doing some location scouting right now and there are just so many viable options, it’s amazing.  The whole project is an incredible amount of work, but the kind that doesn’t actually feel like work.

I can’t wait to get started and document my experience!  What do you think?

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagePhotos taken by Alexandra Gunnoe and Dan Shears.  Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

My Valentines Day Baby by Alexandra Gunnoe

I am not one of those photographers who shoots infants in elaborate sets and all dolled up.  I have no problem with that type of photography; in fact, I follow the work of some photographers who really do it well.  When I shoot my own child, I prefer a more natural feel that captures life in the moment.  That being said, I couldn’t resist staging this photo just a little on my bed.  She was very patient for a baby and it was fun to get into the spirit of Valentines Day just a bit.

Happy Valentines Day from our family to yours!ImageAlexandra Gunnoe at Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

Photography Location in the Country by Alexandra Gunnoe

I’ve been driving past this building for months and never understood exactly what it was.  After some research I finally determined it was an old lookout tower from WWII.  How cool is that?  Every time I passed the building I felt compelled to explore it, but life kept happening and I wasn’t able to check things out.  Until finally one day I was able to take a peek inside, and it was even better than I had imagined.  Each room was completely unique (though a little bit spooky) and will make a fantastic set for a fashion shoot.  I’ve scheduled a test shoot with a new model soon and will be sure to share what magic we create soon.


Alexandra Gunnoe at Alexandra Gunnoe Photography