Preparing for a Fashion Shoot (and the Importance of Mood Boards) by Alexandra Gunnoe

Right now I’m in the middle of preparing for 11 separate fashion shoots featuring theses gorgeous vintage buses from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  For more information on this project please read my previous blog “The Vintage Bus Project”.  It’s a lot of juggling, and in an effort to stay organised I’m trying to focus on a few shoots at a time so it doesn’t all catch up with me later.

As of today, I have held castings for models, hair stylists and makeup artists for the first four shoots, and I am lucky to have found an amazing stylist, Kate Sly, of Fashion Farmer who is pulling looks for the entire project.   Most of my recent days have been spent emailing my creative team (soooo many emails), deciding on locations and trying to make sense of everything by creating excel sheets and mood boards.  I haven’t been the most organised person in my past and I’m trying out this system, which seems to be working for me so far.  I feel very, very busy but I’m not overwhelmed, which is a good place to be.

The first shoot will be a 60’s theme and we’ve built the concept around this beautiful 1959 yellow double-decker.  Hopefully you can see from my mood board what I want to get from the shoot.   My mood boards aren’t too fancy or elaborate in execution but they get the point across.  Our model, Morgan, fits the theme perfectly and the wardrobe Kate has pulled is more than amazing.  I now feel confident everyone involved is on the same page.


Here are two more mood boards for the 2nd and 3rd shoot, which are a 40’s and 50’s theme, respectively.



And Kate’s efforts deserve their own photos, as I couldn’t be happier with what she has chosen for our first shoot.


Not long now, we start shooting in a week!

Alexandra Gunnoe at Alexandra Gunnoe Photography


My Photography Slideshows by Alexandra Gunnoe

Okay so not too long ago I created a few slidewshows on my Alexandra Gunnoe Photography Youtube and Vimeo channels to show some of my recent collections (Wedding Photography, Fashion, Beauty and Baby)

Please Check them Out!

Fashion & Portrait Session with Brooke” by Alexandra Gunnoe

Wedding Photography” by Alexandra Gunnoe

UK Asian Wedding Photography” by Alexandra Gunnoe

Newborn & Baby Photography” by Alexandra Gunnoe


Alexandra Gunnoe at Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

Photography Location in the Country by Alexandra Gunnoe

I’ve been driving past this building for months and never understood exactly what it was.  After some research I finally determined it was an old lookout tower from WWII.  How cool is that?  Every time I passed the building I felt compelled to explore it, but life kept happening and I wasn’t able to check things out.  Until finally one day I was able to take a peek inside, and it was even better than I had imagined.  Each room was completely unique (though a little bit spooky) and will make a fantastic set for a fashion shoot.  I’ve scheduled a test shoot with a new model soon and will be sure to share what magic we create soon.


Alexandra Gunnoe at Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

A San Francisco Wedding by Alexandra Gunnoe

I recently got back from San Francisco, where I was a bridesmaid in my friend, Sonia’s wedding.  It was a multi-day affair and I had the fortune of photographing the Rehearsal Party and Rehearsal Dinner as well.  The trip was a bit of a whirlwind as there were activities plan almost every day.  As I boarded my flight in London, I was definitely filled with competing emotions. I was extremely excited to travel back to California, where I’ve lived most of my life, and see one of my best friends from UCSB.  We were both on the gymnastics team together there and she my very first college friend.  At the same time I was missing my baby so much that I couldn’t stop staring at another six month old on plane.

Sonia and I had big plans for our portrait shoot, but with her schedule so full we were only able to get a few minutes of alone time.  That’s okay though we were able to get some really stunning images that I really love.  Here is what we came up with…

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage  Photos taken by Alexandra Gunnoe at Alexandra Gunnoe Photography