Met a Model on a Bus by Alexandra Gunnoe

I recently wrote a blog about an old, abandoned lookout tower I stumbled upon in 2014.  Apparently it dates back to WWII and I just found it to be so overwhelmingly inspiring.  I wanted to do a fashion photography shoot there ever since first spying it from the road and I finally got my chance.

Around the same time I wrote that blog, I met a girl on a bus who would later become my fashion model inside that building.  She had never modeled before but you would never know it, she was so professional and her instincts were right on.  When I met her I was a Seattle photographer getting lost in the middle of the UK countryside.  I didn’t even have a card on me and was surprised when Brooke gave me a call, as I had hurriedly scribbled my information on a scrap of paper before getting off the bus.

For anyone interested, I used natural light (obviously) plus a soft box on a 430EXII flash.

*To view a slideshow of our session with more photos, please click on this link:



Alexandra Gunnoe Photography


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