Met a Model on a Bus by Alexandra Gunnoe

I recently wrote a blog about an old, abandoned lookout tower I stumbled upon in 2014.  Apparently it dates back to WWII and I just found it to be so overwhelmingly inspiring.  I wanted to do a fashion photography shoot there ever since first spying it from the road and I finally got my chance.

Around the same time I wrote that blog, I met a girl on a bus who would later become my fashion model inside that building.  She had never modeled before but you would never know it, she was so professional and her instincts were right on.  When I met her I was a Seattle photographer getting lost in the middle of the UK countryside.  I didn’t even have a card on me and was surprised when Brooke gave me a call, as I had hurriedly scribbled my information on a scrap of paper before getting off the bus.

For anyone interested, I used natural light (obviously) plus a soft box on a 430EXII flash.

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Alexandra Gunnoe Photography


My New Fashion Photography Project by Alexandra Gunnoe

Life has been so inspiring lately, and I can’t wait to tell you about an upcoming project that I’m taking on.  Starting very soon, I’m photographing 10 fashion shoots featuring beautiful vintage vehicles from the West of England Transportation Collection. The owner, Colin Shears, started collecting vintage buses in the 1960’s, and now they have hundreds of beautiful vehicles housed in their country hangar.

I immediately contacted Colin’s son, Dan, the proprietor of the WETC, to see if he would be interested in collaborating.  Surprisingly enough he was very interested and has been extremely generous with his time.  The WETC restores an astonishing number of buses and it’s a real playground for a photographer like me. I took a tour of the facility recently and the ideas were just flowing. As far as our creative team goes, so far I’ve found a stylist and am holding castings for hair, make-up and models.  My budget isn’t huge but I’m making it work.  This isn’t one of those projects that you do for money, but passion, and I am absolutely positive we’re going to come out with some incredible images.  For a Seattle photographer like me, England has really provided some amazing inspiration.  I’m doing some location scouting right now and there are just so many viable options, it’s amazing.  The whole project is an incredible amount of work, but the kind that doesn’t actually feel like work.

I can’t wait to get started and document my experience!  What do you think?

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagePhotos taken by Alexandra Gunnoe and Dan Shears.  Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

My Valentines Day Baby by Alexandra Gunnoe

I am not one of those photographers who shoots infants in elaborate sets and all dolled up.  I have no problem with that type of photography; in fact, I follow the work of some photographers who really do it well.  When I shoot my own child, I prefer a more natural feel that captures life in the moment.  That being said, I couldn’t resist staging this photo just a little on my bed.  She was very patient for a baby and it was fun to get into the spirit of Valentines Day just a bit.

Happy Valentines Day from our family to yours!ImageAlexandra Gunnoe at Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

Photography Location in the Country by Alexandra Gunnoe

I’ve been driving past this building for months and never understood exactly what it was.  After some research I finally determined it was an old lookout tower from WWII.  How cool is that?  Every time I passed the building I felt compelled to explore it, but life kept happening and I wasn’t able to check things out.  Until finally one day I was able to take a peek inside, and it was even better than I had imagined.  Each room was completely unique (though a little bit spooky) and will make a fantastic set for a fashion shoot.  I’ve scheduled a test shoot with a new model soon and will be sure to share what magic we create soon.


Alexandra Gunnoe at Alexandra Gunnoe Photography

A San Francisco Wedding by Alexandra Gunnoe

I recently got back from San Francisco, where I was a bridesmaid in my friend, Sonia’s wedding.  It was a multi-day affair and I had the fortune of photographing the Rehearsal Party and Rehearsal Dinner as well.  The trip was a bit of a whirlwind as there were activities plan almost every day.  As I boarded my flight in London, I was definitely filled with competing emotions. I was extremely excited to travel back to California, where I’ve lived most of my life, and see one of my best friends from UCSB.  We were both on the gymnastics team together there and she my very first college friend.  At the same time I was missing my baby so much that I couldn’t stop staring at another six month old on plane.

Sonia and I had big plans for our portrait shoot, but with her schedule so full we were only able to get a few minutes of alone time.  That’s okay though we were able to get some really stunning images that I really love.  Here is what we came up with…

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage  Photos taken by Alexandra Gunnoe at Alexandra Gunnoe Photography